FAQs Private Landlords

Q: Do you require a setup fee or contract to engage your tenant background check services?

A: We do not have a setup fee of any kind. However, as a licensed investigative firm, we require a written agreement. This agreement creates an understanding of expectations, compliance, and the full scope of services and is beneficial for both parties. We seek to build longstanding and strong relationships with you, our client; however, all agreements are easily terminated should you wish.

Q: Do you use databases for criminal background checks?

A: Absolutely Not! Not only is the information stale and potentially incorrect, but using it to determine rental decisions could place you in violation of Federal and State Laws.

Q: Will you provide credit reports?

A: Yes. However, please be aware that evictions, judgments, and other court-related actions are not included in any credit report. Eviction information can, in fact, be more relevant than credit scores and repayment of installment loans. We do offer an eviction/judgment search that relies upon court information for those types of court actions.

Q: If I decide not to rent to an applicant based upon your background check report, do I need to do anything different regarding the applicant?

A: Yes, prior to taking any adverse action based on a report, the property owner must provide a copy of the report and notice of the consumer rights to the prospective resident. Then allow time for the applicant to dispute and/or explain any or all aspects of the report.