FAQs Title Underwriters, Mortgage, and Title Companies

Q: Do you carry E&O insurance?

A: Yes, we carry two million dollars in E&O insurance and will provide you with the certificate of insurance upon request. Once we have an established relationship, you will receive a certificate annually upon renewal.

Q: Do you rely upon a title plant?

A: No, we hand search County land records along with civil / judgment indexes and Federal records for all title searches.

Q: Are there additional charges for pulling case files and copying documents?

A: Yes, our standard price covers hand searching of requested record indexes using a broad search scope. However, separate trip and hourly research fees are incurred for obtaining and analyzing case files, obtaining copies, and files located in archive centers.

Q: How far back do civil and tax lien searches report?

A: The Statute of Limitations for Federal Tax Liens is 10 years. State liens and Civil judgments vary by State but typically 10 to 12 years. 

Q: Do you report released liens?

A: As a standard practice, we report active, unsatisfied liens and judgments; however, we can report released should you request them.

Q: How are civil, lien, and bankruptcy cases authenticated to our subject?

A: In most instances, civil cases are identifiable by address only, while SSN or FEIN typically identifies liens and bankruptcy claims. We make every effort to positively ID the named subject; however, there are files with no identifying information.

Q: Do you charge for rejected recordings?

A: Yes, to cover labor costs, we charge regardless of acceptance of documents to be recorded.

Q: Does the standard pricing cover all types of property searches?

A: No, complex residential and commercial property research is charged at an hourly rate. We will seek your approval prior to switching from standard pricing to hourly.