FAQs Banks / Lending Institutions

Q: Do you carry E&O insurance?

A: Yes, we carry two million dollars in E&O insurance and will provide you with the certificate of insurance upon request. Once we have an established relationship, you will receive a certificate annually upon renewal.

Q: Is the information obtained from a third-party database or a direct county, State, or Federal Authority?

A: We never conducted our research using a third-party database. All information we provide you is up-to-date court record information.

Q: Are there additional charges for name variations?

A: We include trailing variations like Inc., LLP, LLC, with our standard pricing as well as common nicknames for individuals. We only charge for separate entities and separate individuals.

Q: Are there additional charges for pulling case files and copying documents?

A: Yes, our standard price covers hand searching of requested record indexes using a broad search scope. However, separate trip and hourly research fees are incurred for obtaining and analyzing case files, obtaining copies, and files located in archive centers.

Q: How far back do civil and tax lien searches report?

A: The Statute of Limitations for Federal Tax Liens is 10 years. State liens and Civil judgments vary by State but typically 10 to 12 years. 

Q: Do you report released liens?

A: As a standard practice, we report active, unsatisfied liens and judgments; however, we can report released should you request them.

Q: How are civil, lien, criminal, and bankruptcy cases authenticated to our subject?

A: In most instances, civil cases are identifiable by address only, while SSN or FEIN typically identifies liens and bankruptcy claims. Criminal cases naming an individual are identified by name, DOB, SSN, and address. We make every effort to positively ID the named subject; however, there are files with no identifying information available.