Property Management Companies

Avoid High Cost of Evictions, Property Damage, and Wrong Hiring

Successful management companies conduct due diligence of tenants and prospective employee hires utilizing a reputable company specializing in background screening to ensure they have accurate information to make the most informed decisions.

Mohr Information & Investigative Services, LLC is just that company to meet your needs. We have almost three decades of experience in background screening for management companies. Our in-house investigative screening specialists utilize proven processes and procedures to provide our clients with complete, reliable, accurate, and compliant information. Our custom-designed tenant and employee screening reports of the office personnel, renters, maintenance crew, and any contractors you may employ are delivered quickly, enabling you to make the best decisions for your company and create safer neighborhoods.

Benefits of Working with Mohr:

  • Accurate, comprehensive information
  • Quality control – every report is reviewed for quality prior to delivery
  • Adverse information is always double-checked and verified
  • Proven due diligence methods for detecting and dealing with suspected fraud and bogus references
  • Rapid turnaround times
  • Almost three decades of investigative experience and expertise
  • In-house staff only allows us to control the process

Our Customized Tenent Reports Include:

  • Credit Report
  • Criminal and sex offender searches
  • Civil, judgment, and prior eviction searches (not found on standard credit reports)
  • Re-investigation upon late payment, complaint, etc. to learn the reason
  • Home / Apartment inspections and surveillance ensure that the proper number of people reside on the property and that the property is well maintained
  • Rent Controlled Apartment verifications – ensure that the correct person is still residing at the controlled property
  • Searches performed on long-term, short-term, vacation renters, etc.
  • Employment and previous landlord verifications

Our Customized Employee Reports Include:

  • Identity Verification
  • Criminal, Traffic, Sex Offender Registry searches
  • Credit Reports (where applicable)
  • Civil, Bankruptcy, Lien, and Judgment Searches
  • Personality Profile testing
  • Educational, employment, license verification
  • Social Media Analysis
  • Homeland Security / Watch List
  • Drug Screening
  • Driver Record Searches

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