Our Company

Our Foundation

Purpose Statement:

Our purpose is to reduce risk factors and prevent bad characters from causing harm to businesses and organizations.

Mission Statement:

Mohr Information & Investigative Services provides our clients with accurate information to make informed onboarding and lending decisions and safely engage in real estate transactions. We utilize our three decades of investigative and research experience and expertise to provide thorough background checks, corporate research, and property/title abstracting services to property management companies, private landlords, home services, child & elderly care services, staffing agencies, banks/lending institutions, title underwriters, mortgage, title companies, CRAs (consumer reporting agencies), and national wholesale companies in Delaware, Florida, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Virginia, West Virginia, and Washington, D.C. Our clients keep their customers, employees, and the public safe, avoid the high cost of evictions and property damage and protect their brand through good hires. Our research services reduce loan default risk factors and issues with real estate transactions. We approach our work with the utmost care and dedication.

Our Values:

Mohr’s Value Statement: As our client’s partner, we have an unwavering dedication to finding the truth needed in today’s dangerous world, putting their needs first, being responsive, and doing our job with excellence and integrity.

Values with Statements:

Dedication: We are dedicated to ensuring our clients have all the necessary information to make decisions that bring safety to their company or organization.

Excellence: Our company understands how important our work is to the safety and reputation of our clients; therefore, we do not cut corners.

Integrity: We legally obtain all information and deliver upon our promises.

Partnership: We consider ourselves our client’s partner in onboarding and renting decisions to retention and separation and through all phases of the research process to help reduce their risk. We will be there through all phases of a person’s relationship with our client, and that’s our promise.

Responsiveness: In a fast-paced world, we respond quickly to our client’s needs and ensure they have access to world-class customer service 24/7.

Client-Focused: Our clients are our focus. We understand you have a risk, and we are here to mitigate that risk for you.

“Delivering Mohr Information… because no one ever asks for less.”
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