Mohr Information & Investigative Services, LLC is committed to helping you achieve your business goals. We accomplish this by developing strong client relationships and providing the expertise of our research professionals and their years of experience. Our company is designed around one concept: To meet your business needs. We welcome the opportunity to help your company reach its goals.

Criminal Research

Every search matters and is handled with the highest degree of care

  • County criminal search – to include felony, misdemeanors
  • County traffic searches
  • Sex offender Registry searches
  • Federal Criminal Searches
  • Virginia Statewide Criminal Search

Verifications / Resume Vetting

  • Employment Verifications – Both via telephone and in person
  • Educational Verifications – High School,  Colleges, Trade Schools
  • Licensing Verifications – Both via telephone and in person

Corporate Research services

We have researched thousands of corporations and their principals, enabling our clientele to make the most informed decision possible: We offer:

  • UCC / Fixture filing searches and recording
  • Federal, State Tax lien Searches
  • Civil Judgments, Mechanics and ERISA liens
  • Civil Suit Searches * to include plaintiff, defendant, class action, tax court (County, State and Federal Courts available)
  • Bankruptcy Searches
  • Asset searches to include property holdings

Property / Title Abstracting services

From the refinance boom of the nineties to the foreclosure disaster of 2008 and beyond our highly trained title abstractors, examiners and paralegals have performed tens of thousands of complex title examinations and recordings for our esteemed clientele.  We welcome an opportunity to showcase not only our detailed search products, but quick turnaround times. We offer:

  • Residential and Commercial current owner searches
  • 40, 60 Year Full Property Searches
  • Foreclosure preparation Searches
  • Document Recordings


I believe so strongly in our services that I offer a free trial search project. Please contact James for more details.

Private Investigation Agency Licenses
VA DCJS 11-3961 / DE 14-41-A / NJ 9477 / FL A 3100127 / WV 73159

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