Wholesale White Label Court Research Services

Receive Reliable Direct Source White Label Information for Your Clients

FCRA Compliant Court Research Services:

For nearly three decades, we have assisted CRAs (Consumer Reporting Agencies) and National Wholesale companies by providing them with criminal, civil, and traffic court information on a regional basis. This information is invaluable in enabling employers and landlords to make safe hiring and renting decisions. We provide white label highly accurate reports that are compliant and complete, including all possible identifiers, charge levels, sentencing details, etc. While accuracy can never take a backseat to speed, by using our own employees, we control the process and can deliver superior research in lightning-fast turnaround times.

Benefits of Working with Mohr:

  • Accurate, comprehensive information
  • Quality control – every report is reviewed for quality prior to delivery
  • Adverse information is always double-checked and verified
  • Proven due diligence methods for detecting and dealing with suspected fraud and bogus references
  • Rapid turnaround times
  • Almost three decades of investigative experience and expertise
  • In-house staff only allows us to control the process
“Delivering Mohr Information…because no one ever asks for less.”
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