Three Decades of Experience at Work for You

Why Choose Mohr Information & Investigative Services, LLC?

Timely and Responsive:

  • We maintain an immediate response email ( ) that is constantly monitored by all Managers and is afforded an immediate response
  • Phone calls and messages are returned by the end of the business day or sooner
  • All clients have direct access to the owner’s cell phone number
  • We operate under strict deadlines and update our clients immediately if any delay is foreseen


  • We handle every investigative background check with the utmost care
  • We research, review, and proof every report to ensure the highest level of accuracy
  • We dig deep to uncover the truth that an untruthful applicant/tenant may hide
  • We ensure that negative information is reverified prior to submission


  • We bring you three decades of background check experience in employment verification and tenant background checks and research expertise in corporate research and property/title abstracting
  • We are FCRA certified by the PBSA (Professional Background Screeners Association) and stay abreast of ever-changing Local, State, and Federal laws
  • Our employees regularly attend continuing education courses and in-house training sessions
  • Most of our employees have 5, 10, 15 and even 20 years with the company
  • Our team of field and in-house research analysts, investigators, and verification specialists are dedicated to protecting our clients from harm


  • As a licensed, bonded, and insured investigative agency, we operate within the law in all that we do and all the services we provide.
  • We will never obtain information in an illegal or improper manner
  • We are committed to the highest level of accuracy

Our Work Product

  • We provide our clients with reports that are clear and concise, which allows them to be actionable
  • Our reports are delivered in a format that reflects the utmost accuracy and completeness
  • Our reports are purpose-focused and compliant
  • We continue to dig deeper to ensure that all aspects of our investigative report will provide you with a complete understanding of the facts

“Delivering Mohr Information… because no one ever asks for less.”
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